A strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy accounts for everything from content production to link building, user experience and social media sharing. It is important that each technique accurately portrays your brand and resonates well with your audience. The optimization methods we use are favorable to search engines and will cater to your businesses specific industry.

Industry is important for SEO because it defines which ranking factors are going to have the biggest impact and helps us formulate the best approach for optimization. Google dominates search and uses over two hundred signals in its scoring algorithm. This makes it crucial for us to utilize a combination of optimization strategies tailor made to fit your organization.


We will help determine your SEO objectives and build a feasible strategy for reaching those goals. Whether you have an in-house marketing team who you would like us to work with hand-in-hand or you need us to come in as your full SEO team, we have the capabilities to do both and will advise on the best approach.

We will perform detailed keyword and market research to help direct your SEO strategy. Such research will also enable us to provide you with accurate projections and forecasts of opportunities within your industry.

Our technical SEO audit identifies all issues with a website. This includes everything from pagespeed, 404’s, 302’s and back links. We will also check the taxonomy of your website to determine if any restructuring needs to be done. Another thing we will identify is Schema markup, an important part to SEO that tells Google the purpose of your website and whether or not the information you provide on it is relevant to the user. All of these factors impact SERP rankings differently which is why we always check for them. A well maintained website is not only good for search engines, but also for the user.

Onsite SEO is all about the content. Are you an e-commerce brand? Great, but did you know things like your product descriptions matter? They do. This is why we will look at all the content on your website and either optimize it or find ways to improve it. You will be amazed at how well simple optimizations made on a website can change your ROI.

Google is ever changing and has multiple scoring factors. This means that during certain updates, websites that have been using black hat SEO methods, like spamming, could face major penalties and see a decline in traffic. One of the most famous times this happened was during Google’s Panda update. Google changed a lot of it’s ranking factors at this time and many websites saw huge declines in traffic, some still sit in Google’s penalty box. That is why we inspect all of the websites we work on to check for penalties. If we detect any penalties we will offer you an immediate rectification plan and start working on getting you out of Google’s penalty box. This can take time, but patience and strong optimization skills can help any website recover.

Link building remains an important technique for SEO. Websites with a large number of quality backlinks tend to rank higher than websites with average backlinks. In our link building process we use white hat techniques to locate and place links to your website and it’s relevant content. This process can be tedious, but it is well worth the effort if it means you can capture a ranking in the top 5 spot for an otherwise hard to rank for term.