Los Angeles, CA is one of the fastest growing cities in the modern world. Hundreds of thousands of people move to the City of Angels every year looking for their big break and the opportunity to thrive in their search for happiness and fulfillment.

One of the keys to anyone’s success though is to surround yourself with likeminded people who share similar interests, aspirations, and goals that you do. A quick way to do this is to research and find the best networking events in Los Angeles has and make a point to attend them regularly.

Here are some of the top networking events Los Angeles professionals regularly attend to socialize and connect with each other on a monthly and weekly basis.

Networking Events in Los Angeles

  • Network After Work: With over 80 participating cities (including Los Angeles) and boasting over 4 million members, Network After Work is a premier face-to-face business networking company. Since its launch in 2009, it’s been attracting an ever-growing diversity of professionals from all career levels and industries.
  • NetParty: If you’re looking for a younger crowd, NetParty might be for you. This community focuses on connecting young professionals in Los Angeles in an effort to see how they can help one another with their professional and entrepreneurial goals.
  • ProVisors: Located in Sherman Oaks, CA, ProVisors is a membership-based networking community that hosts senior-level trusted advisors to give advice, connections and guidance. If you’re someone who prides themselves on performance, integrity, and accountability, then this is the perfect networking opportunity for you.
  • Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce: If you’re interested in a variety of businesses and opportunities, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce is the largest and one of the most influential business association resources in the city. With over 1,500 members and representing the interests of over 250,000 businesses in the LA County, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce pushes the economic growth and quality of life for all citizens in the area.
  • Downtown LA Toastmasters: Trying to become a better public speaker or develop more meaningful leadership skills? Then Toastmasters is perfect for you. This international group specializes in helping its members with their communication and leadership development. If you’re trying to kick a bad case of stage fright, or just prefer networking without having to shout over other people, Toastmasters International offers the optimal no-pressure atmosphere.

Depending on your specific industry and career, some networking opportunities may prove more beneficial for you than others. While face-to-face interaction and networking is key, having a fully optimized and engaging online presence is how the majority of people and businesses will find, connect, and network with you.

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